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Amateur Teen  Alexa Loren As you guys may know, I always have to hit the gym in order to a) keep my figure and b) improve and tighten my “exotic curves”- I like to flatter myself sometimes! I hit the gym every day doing a variety of exercises and machines in order to burn those calories, although ya’ll distracted me way too much and I couldn’t even concentrate on my daily routine! For once you boys and girls get to see me in a regular setting with hardly any makeup on and wearing regular gym clothes, oh no! I hit the gym for about an hour every day, but while you guys watch me I think I was in the gym for a total of fifteen minutes! [haha] Take notice that I am actually not the only gym member working out, there is another fellow burning calories right next to me and he had no idea I was flashing my booty and boobs the entire time! I even got the balls up to flash my “vajayjay” several times, all the while the guy working out was completely oblivious to everything! Cars are one of the greatest luxuries many Americans have these days, and unfortunately, they are taken for granted and neglected every single day. I, on the other hand, appreciate these great machines and even helped my photographer soap up his ride and clean it to the bone! We drove it to a local hand car wash location and got to work. Ok, I lie….I was playing around the whole time, while another car wash customer washed the car himself! Wait until you see the video! Right when I began washing the car, I immediately drew in an entourage of men watching me and helping me wash the car, practically doing all the work for me! One guy even whipped out his dick just so that I would flash him in return, another guy was almost begging me to let him take me to the back and do the deed…no way Jose! I think this was one of the most interesting and fun car washes known to man, maybe ya’ll will see me at your local self car wash! [haha] I have always wanted to do a shower scene with just a simple black bathrobe, Hugh Hefner style because I’m a pimp! Actually this setup reminded me of Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot with Playboy back a while ago; she had black sheets draped over here while she was completely nude underneath. Watch me slowly undress and masturbate in my video! A girl’s most private time in her day is when she is in the shower all alone. This is when women are completely naked not worried about what others may be thinking, girl’s display their beautiful vocal talents in private [haha], and most importantly it has been said that most part of women masturbate either a) right before they go to bed or b) in the shower. I am usually the type of girl that masturbates in bed right before I go to sleep. I usually get really exhausted and tired after masturbating, but for the first time, I actually tried orgasming in the shower- surprisingly I wasn’t tired afterwards either! This shirt is my favorite shirt of all times! I love, love, love the color purple on me and I love the beautiful silky patterns. Bebe really knows his stuff! We went down to the Canal, a part of town where all the snazzy restaurants and bars are lined up against the waterfront. The pictures turned out absolutely beautiful and “fashiony.” I look like I stepped out of an ad from Vogue. [haha] My favorite outfit ended up getting a little wet after we came across a huge water fountain. I was reluctant to get near the water with my cute little outfit! All day we were running around the canal taking pictures along the pretty water when I came across a water fountain at a nearby hotel. I really wasn’t looking forward to getting in the fountain because of my cute little white shorts and my new silky shirt, but you guys knowing me, I still got in, I just didn’t soak myself like normal!
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