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Amateur brunette huge dildo masturbation

Amateur brunette huge dildo masturbation

Posted on 24 Jun 2009 at 3:05pm

Hi Guys!  I’m Alicia Angel, I’ve done tons of porn for websites and videos.  My shoot here today was very different from what I’m used to, and very refreshing.  I had a lot of fun doing it, and just playing with myself, & nobody telling me how I should enjoy myself.  The photographer was really nice and cool (and good looking too!) so it made my interaction with the camera pretty easy.  So you like my breasts, my butt, my nipples, my pussy that can stretch pretty wide?  I’ll take a toy deep, or a cock so wide and I’ll enjoy it.  Sorry if I squirted so fast, but I’ve trained myself to cum really quick when I’m masturbating.  Its all mental anyways, if my mood is right, its so easy to do.  The weather is so nice out here, I love the heat, and it isn’t so humid.  So I wasn’t sweating at all when I was masturbating.  That long suction cup toy was fun as hell, making love to it was the bomb.  I’d say that would be the perfect size penis for me in my personal life.  Usually a guy that big though doesn’t get hard for long, so the toy felt right.  You see how deep I can take it?  You’d think where is it going?? To my belly?  Speaking of bellies, I had to fill my tummy with some food, so we took a break at some nice organic food place and took the time for an interview.  The guys working there were all checking me out!  I wondered if they would recognize me.  Sometimes I get approached by people who have seen my movies but they usually start freaking out or getting tongue-tied.  Well I’m Egyptian-Spanish, and the photographer told me that another model Alexa who has her own site looks like me and has the same heritage.  I think she was his ex-girlfriend or something by the way he was talking about her.  I saw her pics, she’s hot, I’d hit it anytime.  I like girls just as much as guys, maybe even more.  My first love was a girl, back in the 6th grade.  We did everything with each other.  I even had bigger boobs then.  Then the part where I’m taking up so many toys up my pussy, well that’s my idea.  Since I discovered sex, one thing I always did was try using bigger and bigger toys, and sometimes put as many as 4 toys up my pussy.  Feels good stretching it out, sort of fun too.  I enjoy anal sex just as much, but I can’t take it too big there.  I got to keep the butt toy and take it home!  I keep saying fun but I have to say it again!  More fun with those cone shaped toys and the way it stretched my pussy out.  Fun to ride.
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Amateur teen brunette Alicia nude pictures

Amateur teen brunette Alicia nude pictures

Posted on 22 Jun 2009 at 12:24pm

Alicia has such an easygoing & friendly personality, its very hard not to like her.  She had so much fun in everything we did today, and of course, that extreme taste of hers.  The squirting caught me by surprise, I didn’t realize how fast she can orgasm and gush it out.  Most girls take 5-10 minutes to squirt, she takes less than one.  Very sexy butt and legs, watching her in heels is a total turn-on.  Multi-stuffing the toys was hot, tried so many ways of doing it, even backwards.
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