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Amateur blonde Alison with her big tits

Amateur blonde Alison with her big tits

Posted on 26 Jun 2009 at 5:57pm

Aloha! Maui was beautiful, amazing…the photos & video will let you see a glimpse of the beautiful beach and local hotel. And the flexibility this rabbit has! I loved this swimsuit, the rich turquoise color really brought out my blueish green eyes I thought. I even brought my lei with me to shoot with and play on the beach with. Lots of dentists were at this place, and some of them were checking me out…maybe it was my cute suit or the fact that a nipple kept slipping out whenever I bent over or ran! The sandy beach of Maui is calling your name, not just because Hawaii is beautiful but because there is a tall blonde in a tiny bikini waiting for you there. I played and splashed in the water and tried not to lose a nipple while doing so. We didnt get much privacy on the beach, too many families so we headed back up top near the elevator and took some pictures there and I got some acrobatic energy out! People passed by but even when my breast were out they couldnt really see what I was doing! If they only knew! This bikini is so loose on the top that my breasts fall out if I run or jump!
At the end of a nice day in Maui we decided to shoot a set of this cute red bikini I had bought. We started out at the top of the hotel is a secret little hallway place we discovered earlier and took some cute pics with a good view behind me, then right at the end of the sunset we headed down to the beach in front of out hotel and took some sexy pictures down by the water just as the sun was going down. The reflection of the water gave a great effect. Then when the sun had completely gone down, we headed to the pool where nobody was and took a few night swimming shots. These were hot! We had never actually done a swimming video of me, without the rabbit and this was the perfect opportunity! Very few people were around so I just swam around and played in the very nice pool at our hotel. Flashing my boobies and other areas was fun, and the water was just the right temperature! I gave my self a nice water breast massage! Too bad there wasnt any water jets to play with!

Amateur big tits blonde Alison nude pictures

Amateur big tits blonde Alison nude pictures

Posted on 24 Jun 2009 at 3:24pm

Hi, u are probably wondering how I ended up becoming an FTV girl of the month.  To make a long story short, my close relative is Jessica (Im not allowed to say exactly how she is related), she is a blonde model who looks like me and posed for FTV about a year ago.  I’ve always wanted to pose naked, and do some wilder things on video.  I even visit porn sites for fun (but I’ve never paid for a membership, I check for free stuff).  So anyways I was 17 when Jessica told me about what she was posing for, so I had to wait till I turned 18 which was this June.  I wasnt sure if they would pick me as one of their models so I was pretty excited to hear they liked me.  Maybe its because of my big breasts guys are always looking at them.   We started with my video and I was talking with my real life boyfriend while the video is taken from far away like someone perverted is spying on me (and my breasts).
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