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Blonde amateur Alexa posing naked

Blonde amateur Alexa posing naked

Posted on 20 Jun 2009 at 4:17pm

A few weeks ago, I get an email in my inbox, this girl Alexa. Gorgeous photos, looking a little young, but confirming that she is 18. Wow… had to have her for FTV! When I met her at the airport, she was definitely nervous and shy, but at least she had the guts to fly down and meet a ’stranger’ like myself. After talking a bit, I asked her ‘why’ she decided to try FTV, and slowly discovered her interest in adult porn, and how she enjoys watching it. Totally a natural masturbator, as you’ll see in the videos. I decided to take her to a local mall, and shoot her as she was dressed, in her casual clothes. Looks good on her, and a total teeny look for sure. Then I had her try out videotaping herself with a portable camera in the womens’ changeroom. Clip 9 is actually the ‘outtake’ from clip 2, which was her first try at doing it, and after seeing the video I had her try it a second time. Besides being very cute, her smaller breasts are so nice, round and firm, they almost look bigger than they really are. Toned body, firm butt, and the prettiest little private part. I broke her into the public nudity side, even if brief, by the time she was on the driveway posing fully nude, she was totally comfortable with it. Her natural look complemented the outdoors, and her flawless skintone allowed me to take high resolution pictures (since I don’t airbrush my photos). She loves masturbating, and it shows, as she had her first strong orgasm, and then a second one (which gave me a chance to do it from a different, lower ‘in your face’ angle. You just want to go down on that and more…
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