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Amateur blonde huge dildo masturbation

Amateur blonde huge dildo masturbation

Posted on 06 Jul 2009 at 5:08pm

Ultra-Extreme girl comes back with a bang!  Masturbating on the couch, she has her very large-handed boyfriend fist her very deep, hard and fast past the wrist… and with a vibrator in his hand too!  The orgasm she has is quite incredible.  Then she tries several tapered candles, slowly stretching herself open with each successive addition, you should see the photo & video on this one.  Then lets see her try some large bouncing balls, then have her boyfriend fist her again, and pull them out from deep inside her!  Then the biggest FTV challenge ever, trying out the new Glass FTV toy, as deep as it gets….
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Amateur big tits blonde Alison nude pictures

Amateur big tits blonde Alison nude pictures

Posted on 24 Jun 2009 at 3:24pm

Hi, u are probably wondering how I ended up becoming an FTV girl of the month.  To make a long story short, my close relative is Jessica (Im not allowed to say exactly how she is related), she is a blonde model who looks like me and posed for FTV about a year ago.  I’ve always wanted to pose naked, and do some wilder things on video.  I even visit porn sites for fun (but I’ve never paid for a membership, I check for free stuff).  So anyways I was 17 when Jessica told me about what she was posing for, so I had to wait till I turned 18 which was this June.  I wasnt sure if they would pick me as one of their models so I was pretty excited to hear they liked me.  Maybe its because of my big breasts guys are always looking at them.   We started with my video and I was talking with my real life boyfriend while the video is taken from far away like someone perverted is spying on me (and my breasts).
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