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Teen lesbians amateur girls public sex

Teen lesbians amateur girls public sex

Posted on 23 Jun 2009 at 1:17pm

Damned automobiles!  Always get in the way of the action haha.  Nobody had a clue that I was videotaping this event at the cafe, shooting through the tinted window inside my car, at maximum range.  If I had come out to shoot this, I’m pretty sure I would have been stopped one minute into this video.  What the girls didn’t realize is that the woman behind Ashley was so offended by it that she went in and complained to the manager, who came out and asked them to leave.  Holding the camera at an angle with telephoto at max, it was hard to keep stable, but I did my best.  I didn’t expect them to go as far as eating each other out right there at the mall, but Ashley reminds me a lot of Gabriella, who would go the greatest extreme in public nudity, and make me break a sweat.  The reactions of the people on clip 2 is hilarious though.
These girls were so into each other; during my driving between locations, they were playing with each other, using vibrators, and even going down each other.  It made me so wish I had an assistant like Lia or Alison with me that day — so much lost footage in the way of extra angles, photo, and random video.  Out on the street shoot, I kept telling them to come back in the car, but they get carried away….
The location I found at the park, was an ideal spot for the photography, and if you look at photoset #3, ‘dressed for sex’, they just wouldn’t stop for the camera, and Ashley started eating Brianna out when I was just about to start a nice series.  It cost us the location, which could’ve meant for a good photoseries spot.  What I did was put the camera on a tripod, and take pictures while I knew the park ranger was heading in our direction, to kick us out.  This way I got as much footage as possible before we were forced out.  The interaction with the ranger was quite hilarious.  The squirts on the dinner table came as a surprise to me, didn’t know Brianna does it.  For continuity reasons, I kept the sex video as one large file.  The last clip was some extra video I took of them before they went out for a night of clubbing (they stayed over for two days of shooting).
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Amateur lesbians Amber and Anna public sex pictures

Amateur lesbians Amber and Anna public sex pictures

Posted on 23 Jun 2009 at 1:10pm

Wow… indeed this was an exceptional shoot.  A lot of risk as well.   These girls you won’t see on other sites, and they are real life lovers, who’ve been dating for nearly a year.  So they are real life lesbians, a true couple, and not some set up pairing of girls.  Starting off with the  first clip, the girls arrive at a cafe, and take a seat — start making out and getting pretty intimate.  Never thought how annoyed I’d get at SUV’s getting in the way of my taping.  I stayed at a distance, shooting from inside the car, so that people think its just two girls having fun.  Funny moment:  When that guy sits next to the girls, and starts watching, but acting like he isn’t.  Aaah, the nice thing about high definition — you see it all, including his darting eyes.   On  clip 2, the girls move on to another location at the same mall area, and get a little more explicit.  People drive by and see it happening, but it still looks like two girls having fun, even if its not necessarily appropriate to do so there.  All this is shot in maximum zoom, so I was pretty far away.  I did get strange looks from passersby who saw me crouching with a big video camera in my hand.   Clip 3, I finally get close to the girls, so you can see them more clearly, and hear them as well.  That video got cut short, when a security guard (off camera) came towards us and asked us to leave.  Trying to get photos and video in one location like this out in the open, its going to happen sooner or later.  On  clip 4, the girls continue on with kissing and playing, getting a lot more attention (and complaints we found out soon enough).  Most of this happens right on the busy street, and as usual, the guys hoot and holler, the older women give dirty looks.   Clip 5, the girls really get explicit, and go down on each other in the parking lot, and that’s when a security guard (who claimed was a undercover police officer — I guess we will never know) said there have been many complaints, and we must leave immediately.  Fortunately I had already shot what I needed, and so we could move on.   In  clip 6 thru 8, we finally have more privacy on a totally different location, and the girls let loose with oral sex and fingering.  Its nice to see them go all out and enjoy each other with real chemistry.  Some of you might complain that the videos were cut into too many small pieces in the beginning, but it truly did fit best to separate them since the locations kept changing.
Oh, and if you get confused (like I did), Anna (21 yrs old) is the tall blonde, Amber (25 yrs old) is the curly haired brunette.
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